The Parkway Collection Plaza
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British newspapers, TVs filled with soccer, cricket, and rugby, and an atmosphere of warmth and welcome that makes you feel like a friend when you walk in the door. Those are the qualities offered by The White Horse Pub, along with great food and over 40 varieties of beer. Lovely patio welcomes customers and well-behaved dogs. Authentic English pub fare.

We really like the Sunday late afternoon and evening at The White Horse Pub with the famous Sunday Roast! From midday an authentic British Sunday Roast is served, with a choice of Roast Pork or Beef, with roast potatoes, Yorkshire Pud's, fresh vegetables & Bisto Gravy! We love to relax on the patio with a champagne Mimosa or a beer or two!

The chicken Wings are 'some of the best in town' and the freshly cooked 16" Pizza's defy comparison. A full range of Appetizers, Salads, Sandwiches, Desserts and Entree's are always on the Menu and are also available for Take-out. The Chef continues to delight by always creating a range of daily 'specials' that appeal to even the most jaded palette. 

The White Horse

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 In mythology, the horse is ever present. The Romans linked horses with Mars, the god of the fury of war. Horses were also seen pulling the chariot of Helios, the sun god. In the Celtic mythology, horses were good luck and were harbingers of good fortune. The white horse, as aforementioned, was sacred to the Celts, and strongly associated with Rhiannon and Epona, who occasionally took the form of a white horse. In folk wisdom, if several horses are seen standing together, that means a storm is coming. However, this is not merely superstition, because horses often do group together to protect themselves from oncoming storms.

An important thing to remember about horses is that they are representative of the spirit, similar to freedom. The horse serves man, but can never be fully tamed by him.

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